Professor Norrlöf teaches a range of courses in International Relations and International Political Economy as well as a methods course in Rational Choice.

Her courses require prior fulfillment of a full course credit, or two half course credits, in International Relations. Students are advised not to seek exceptions to this requirement, as they are unlikely to succeed without the requisite background theory and context.

Dr. Norrlöf’s courses are analytical (as opposed to descriptive), fact-based (as opposed to opinion-based). Assigned literature and lectures contain some prior knowledge of basic mathematics.

Students whose first language is not English have a number of resources they can draw upon before submitting assignments, for example, here.

Resources also exist for students who face mental health issues or other special challenges, while pursuing their coursework.

Students who wish to apply for a research assistant (RA) position, can make contact using this RA form to inquire about vacant positions. This reference form can be used to request a recommendation letter.